Battlefield 5’s biggest little frustrations are being addressed

Battlefield 5’s biggest little frustrations are being addressed

Activision has warned that it may take a while for the new patch to reach everyone, due to it being launched region by region. Everything should be in place for the first wave of gamers at 1am BST, with access gradually spreading to other regions. As confirmed by Activision earlier this week, Season 9: Conquest includes some big changes for the game, including a major weapon update with the new Gunsmith feature, a new weapon class — marksman rifles, the Shipment map, a new perk, new lethal equipment, and an updated Battle Royale map. Reach Tier 21 to obtain the Kilo Bolt-Action, a new functional weapon with excellent mobility and one-shot kill potential. Official Call of Duty Mobile patch notes have been released for the launch of Season and can be found below:. Update your favorite weapon with new visual and functional upgrades for a completely unique experience. With the new Gunsmith system, all weapons in Battle Royale now perform the same as their Multiplayer versions.

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Cant see selected loadout and charactrer in battle royale mode. this morning and all of sudden character on br matchmaking screen broke.

Sometimes when I’m playing a game, and I’ve been playing it for a while, I like to stop playing that game. Such bizarre behavior comes as a shock to Battlefield 5, which mulls over the decision for ages as it loads the main menu. I’m enjoying BF5, but boy does its user interface need work, and it’s not just the absurd loading times between menus. The most annoying quirk is that class loadouts have to be customized separately for the Allied and Axis armies. If I change my Support class sidearm to an M and take an ammo crate instead of an ammo pouch, for instance, I have to repeat the process for both factions.

I can’t imagine why I’d want to go through the trouble of changing my Allied loadout, enter matchmaking, and then spawn as an Axis soldier with my old loadout.

New Dota 2 Update adds facelift and changes team matchmaking

There are some who believe that videogames are nothing more than shallow, aggressive dollops of interactive cartoon violence. And in the case of Loudout, that accusation is. With a western sci-fi setting that modern developers love, Loadout is a simple, free-to-play FTP third-person shooter that comprises of traditional multiplayer matches. And the weapons and cartoon violence give it a zany, slapstick feel. Loadout is a gory game.

Loadout is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS that features over-the-top action, comedic violence, and robust, varied Cons: Poor matchmaking system. -​Unlocking.

When we released Need for Speed one of the more popular bits of feedback was for us to include Speedlists as a multiplayer option, which we did. Event Voting First thing to note is that you can now vote for the next event, giving you a choice to have your say on what comes next. Players in the bottom half of the standings table will get more votes than those in the top half.

Your available votes also carry over between rounds so spend them wisely. If the vote is going the way you want, then it could be a good idea to keep hold of your votes and spend them on an upcoming round. Spend them straight away or keep hold of them? Risk vs Reward, your call. Rewards Playing Speedlists is a great way for you to earn some rewards, from performance parts, to bank and REP.

Halo 4: Infinity Multiplayer Unlock Guide

The team discussed the Title Update at length on Monday and ultimately made the call to re-schedule the release to allow us to include some fixes that we felt were too important to delay until the next TU. The TU has been submitted for certification and will be coming out next week. Stay tune for a complete list of patch notes on next Monday. Our fifth and final character of Operation 2 — the Kantus — is set for release this month as part of Title Update 4!

The Kantus model, like the Locust Drone released in December, has been rebuilt from the ground up to look the best he ever has, ready for you to take him onto the battlefield in Core or into the action of Arcade.

As reported by our sister site The Loadout, the Call of Duty: Modern a new measure: “Updated matchmaking to match suspected cheaters.

Simple way to fix matchmaking times Here you can discuss the game in general and provide us your opinion or feedback on the project. Currently we have two regular profiles and one premium profile. I propose the following: At Level 2 you get a second profile, at level 5 you get the third and at level 10 a forth profile. After that you always get a profile every 10 levels. Profiles are tier bases like currently. You could for example have 2x T4, 3xT6, 2x T8 and 2x T10 and when you press play either on ranked or unranked you are put into matchmaking on all those tiers.

When you enter a match all the loadouts that are higher then the match tier will be disabled and you can only play with the same tier loadouts or lower. When in squad the loadouts of all squad players are compared to each other and then the squad enters multiple tiers for matchmaking. The leader should see get an information when he presses play. Example: Squad queued up for T6, 7 and Giving him the opportunity to check back with squad members about the tiers they want to play.

Also PLAY button should be greyed out when tiers mismatch. Premium opportunities?

Loadout | Game Review

Loadout is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS that features over-the-top action, comedic violence, and robust weaponcrafting. Build a huge variety of weaponry and customize your arsenal with billions of combinations to suit your playstyle. Create, customize, and kill in Loadout a fun, fast-paced, and addictive lobby-based shooter that revolves around the concept of building your own arsenal of guns.

Choose from four basic weapon types: Rifle, Launcher, Pulse, and Beam, and go crazy with modifications, attachments, and ammunition.

The reason why CoD and BF have custom loadouts or classes or whatever you want to call them is because they’re flexible enough to by giving.

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Find out about rules, mechanics, rewards, and more! The Gunfight Tournament a limited time game mode, previously launched during Season 2. In this mode, you put your skills to the test as you go up against other players with a random loadout, and see who can take advantage of the situation!

As of June 7th, the Gunfight Tournament is back and open for entry! Join in on the tournament to reap some exclusive rewards and XP bonuses!

Loadout – Review

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I just watched Jim Sterling’s gameplay video of Loadout “Campaign” and I was very disappointed to see it’s basically a cooperative, lobby-based horde mode.

Welcome, welcome! If this is your first time, get stuck in and start making a mess — There are guns for that. Dirty Bomb is back online. For Good. No more data wipes, no more major downtime. Stress test rewards are also waiting — Read on for more of those sweet infos, or delve into the brand new Dirty Bomb website for more www. You can bring up to four other players along with you, and any remaining slots will be filled by other matchmaking players.

We look forward to reading your feedback on Playing with Friends, so be sure to let us know your thoughts in the Dirty Bomb Forums. Loadout Cards now come in seven rarities, which define the number of Augments they have, the weapons the Merc can use and what sort of outfits they feature:. Loadout Cards are found in Equipment Cases, which drop randomly at the end of matches.

You can now also buy additional Equipment Cases straight from the Store in exchange for Credits. Craving some of those elusive Gold Loadout Cards right here, right now?

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Once you install the patch and select a mode, multiplayer, campaign, Special Operations, etc. Once the download is complete, you will need to hard close and reopen the game application. Games Studio Community News Careers.

Players are experiencing issues with voice chat and matchmaking after It also fixes problems with the new Gunsmith Custom loadouts and.

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CS:GO – The Red N’ Blue Loadout

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